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As well as courses, Rosie is available for phone consultations and booking for speaking at events, on podcasts or for writing articles. 


Rosie is professional, insightful and experienced in supporting parents and early years practitioners  with issues or queries around topics such as behaviour, development, transitions, separation anxiety and how to create a beneficial and supportive environment for children.

"Rosie listened closely and immediately made a number of great suggestions that made lots of sense and drew on her understanding of what I was looking for and what my son needs. I finished feeling positive and hopeful and with a toolkit to access".

Some finer details...

Examples of support you may need:

Emotional / behavioural


Transitions/ starting school or childcare

Confidence / organisational support 

Coping with two children

* NB I am not able to make any medical judgement on your child during these calls. I am not a sleep specialist so will not offer specialised sleep advice.

If you cannot find a slot available that suits you, please just pop me an email using the address below and we will arrange something that suits us both.

CANCELLATION/ REFUND POLICY: If I am given at least 24 hours notice I am able to reschedule your call. No refunds will be given.

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