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You are the Gardener that enables your child you grow into themselves.

You can’t choose your child. As parents it is useful to see ourselves as the Gardeners.

The biggest lesson to be learned in parenthood is that our role is not to decide on who our child grows in to. Our role is to provide the environment that enables them to grow in to themselves.

Our job is to sow the seed. Our job is not to decide what the plant will become. Our job is to love and nurture our plant no matter what and provide it with the optimum ENVIRONMENT to enable it to grow into what is going to become.

We cannot turn our plant in to another plant but instead we can you all our efforts to help our plant grow and flourish in to the healthiest, most resilient and most beautiful plant we’ve ever seen.

The truth is, that sometimes we may feel disappointment when we hear the sex of our baby. We might be disappointed when our child doesn’t have interest in the things we love. We might be crushed by hearing that our child is going to struggle in life due to a disability. This is all valid and the feelings are real.

We don’t have control over these things but we do have control over the environment, the love and the nurture that we provide. We do have control over how much we love our children regardless of whether they are who we thought or dreamed they might become.

After all being truly accepted for our true selves, being loved, seen, understood and heard are the biggest gifts anyone can be given.



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