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In Person Services

Face-to- Face Support

Parent in your Pocket Baby Pod
(0-14 months)
From 14th Jan - Fridays - 11:30-12:30 @ @  Park street village Hall 📍

A post natal group for parents and babies with a twist. Guest experts!


A chance to have a regular meet up over 5 weeks with the same group of parents, facilitated by me Rosie with decent coffee, tea and snacks!


Each week we will check in and getting to know each other a little bit better, have a chance to share and listen as well as have some singing and play time time and just time to chat!

There will be some guest experts attending too:

  • Wk 1: Me! Intro to baby massage

  • Wk 2: Natalia Keller, Mum wellbeing, beauty & wellness therapist

  • Wk 3: Anna from @signwithanna, baby signing teacher

  • Wk 4: Kate Cohen, Sleep Time Consulting

  • Wk 5: Grace Lillywhite, Centred Mums

A real chance to form some friendships in a safe, calm space.

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from 21ST Feb - Mondays - 11:15-12:15am @ 
 Park street village Hall 📍

Learn about the benefits of baby massage across the five weeks with the same group of parents and make friends! 
This course is for or babies from 6 weeks - active crawling.
You will:

  • Have a weekly baby massage class in a lovely light, warm hall (with underfloor heating!)

  • Gain access to my massage routine and benefits pack

  • Be given a bottle of organic baby massage oil for classes and practice at home.

  • Have a chance to connect with other parents and feel welcomed in to the group.

  • Learn how to connect and co-regulate emotionally in new ways with your baby.

  • Have some relaxation and refreshments!

It is a welcoming, relaxed 5 week course where you can have some dedicated bonding time. You will learn about the incredible impact we can have on our baby's emotional and physical development and ability to communicate through bonding and responding. 
Through baby massage I will help show you the impact of your voice, touch, smell and eye contact whilst also having the opportunity to connect with other parents and share some much needed connection and fun.

Diverse Kindergarten

Parent in you Pocket Toddler Pod (15months +)
Coming soon!

A special playgroup for parents and toddlers with a twist!


A chance to have a regular meet up over 6 weeks with the same group of parents, where your children get to play purposefully with carefully chosen resources, and you get more than just manky coffee and a biscuit! 


It will be facilitated by me, so there will be no feelings of awkwardness or loneliness allowed here! I will ensure everyone is welcomed and the play is purposeful. Each week, as well as the usual play items, there will be a focus on a different types of play to help you learn more about your child's play and development. I'll do a short introduction and welcome circle for all of you, to check in, see how everyone is and build those connections as a group. Think NCT but for after baby/ covid!


(Drinks and biscuits provided (for parents), fruit provided for smalls).


Week 1:- Introductions and free Play (let the children get used to the new environment)

Week 2:- Loose Parts Play & singing.

Week 3:- Block Play & Singing.

Week 4:- Sensory Play (not too messy) & Singing.

Week 5:- Schema Play & Singing.


BONUS:- You will also get access to my 1 hour online course and workbook 'Books and Babies: How to use books to support your child's whole development' (0-3 years). RRP £29

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