About Me

My belief is (and the research shows) that the first 5 years of life are the most integral in terms of building brains and supporting good mental health for later life. How we do that as adults is a tough job, and that is why I am here.


I'm Rosie and I am an early years expert and parenting specialist.

I have fifteen years experience in early education and childhood development from a range of perspectives and roles and have studied widely. As well as being a mother of two that is! I am a qualified early years teacher with a post graduate diploma in psychology. I am also qualified in teaching baby massage.

I am currently the (part time) Training Manager of an early years setting for 0-4 year olds in St Albans. The rest of the time I am here running Parent in your Pocket, spending time with my wonderful family and friends, working out or stroking my cats!


In the past I have run my own successful childminding business for children aged 0-5, and worked as a nanny, as well as experience in a school for autistic children... so I have worked in almost every type of early years setting with every age group.


My mission is to support parents, caregivers and early years educators in raising the next generation with mental health in mind. I want to help create a more emotionally intelligent world where children grow to fully accept and understand themselves from the start, which will enable them to accept and understand others.

A lot of this stems from how we 'manage behaviour', (a term I dislike but use purely for its commonality and reference). What we really need to do is learn to manage ourselves, so that we can teach children co-regulation first, that will in time lead them to learn tools and tricks to regulate themselves when things are hard.


We need a revolution to get rid of 'cry it out' and 'naughty step' methods that enforce children to cope alone, suppress feelings and feel shame!

Instead we need to SHOW children how to cope with all the messiness that early childhood is. We need to HELP children through all the feelings and hard bits.


This work is hard, because it means WE the caregivers have to do things differently.  And that is why I am here!

I always share my knowledge, strategies and support in a non-judgemental space.  I want to support you to feel more confident, connected and calm and in turn, help your children to thrive as the unique individuals that they are.

You can connect or work with me in a variety of ways. I am also available for speaking events or training, please just send me an email to discuss.