About Me

Hi! Thanks for being here. I'm Rosie. I specialise in early childhood education and early child development.


My mission to create a more emotionally intelligent world. I want to help make infant and child mental health a priority.

Raising the next generation with mental health in mind means helping them to become more aware and accepting of themselves and others. This work is hard, because it means WE the caregivers have to do things differently.  


Through my work, I want to support parents by providing judgement free spaces and more awareness in how to manage communication, boundaries and behaviour carefully.

I work closely with parents in a variety of ways. I want to support you to feel more confident, connected and calm and in turn, help your children to thrive.​  

I share my knowledge, strategies and support in a non-judgemental way in order for you to realise your potential as a parent and to feel empowered with how to support your child in their first seven years of life, in every way.​ 


I have fifteen years experience in early childhood development from a range of perspectives and roles and have studied widely. As well as being a mother of two that is! 


After my degree, I studied a post-graduate diploma in Psychology before moving on to qualify as a teacher, specialising in Early Years. I have also worked closely with families running my own Childminding business and have studied a diploma in Mother  and Baby Wellness, teaching Baby Massage and sharing the full benefits of communication, movement and touch with parents and babies.  


And here I am now, supporting you in your journey as your parenting coach and early years expert. Through face to face classes, online coaching programmes and through individualised phone consultations I am here and I can’t wait to meet you!