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Group Support

Parenting Expert Rosie Joyce

21st February 8pm/ 28th February 8pm


This course is a no brainer and will help get you out of negative cycles at home that make you feel bad, make your child feel bad, and often get passed on from generation to generation. Be the one to help yourself to change the focus and shift things in a better direction that enables you to be calmer and feel more connected to your child. Attend with your partner if you like AND receive 50% off a 1:1 call with me too!


Are you:

  •  Finding it hard to understand why your child behaves the way they do?

  • Wishing you knew more about your child's development?

  • Wanting to find better ways to respond to your child but find it hard?

  • Struggling to connect with your child and find yourself in constant conflict?

  • Finding that you are caught in negative cycles and need a new approach?


Across this two part live course I will really help you to better understand your child's brain and behaviour. I will share my approach with you that can be used in any situation to help you to set boundaries and respond in ways that not only make you feel good, but also support your child's learning and development.

We will cover:

  • The fundamentals of brain development in young children.

  • Setting appropriate boundaries.

  • My 3 R Wheel approach to behaviour 'management' (this involves managing yourself as much as your child!).

  • How to set your child up for success in terms of expectations and calm.

You will also receive 50% off a 1:1 30 minute Parent in your Pocket call with me to go through your unique situation at home and how to apply what you have learned on the course!

Toddler with Wooden Toys

Starting Childcare & smooth transitions


For parents who will be returning to work in the next 12 months and feel overwhelmed, worried or confused about what to do.


This 1hr 15minute live workshop will really help you to feel clearer and more prepared for the big changes and decisions that need to be made.

It will help you understand the transition from your child's perspective and will dip in to attachment and choosing the right setting for you.

I will cover:

  • The different types of childcare options.

  • Things to look out for & questions to ask.

  • What do do on visits and how to make them enjoyable.

  • The transition from your child's perspective.

  • How to help with a smooth transition and settling in sessions.

  • Things to consider for AFTER your child has started.

  • Q&A + 5 free downloadable resources.

If you would prefer to buy this workshop as a prerecording & receive the 5 free downloads, you can do that here: